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From sheer fun to sheer disappointment – K.O. Century Beast Warriors

Released throughout 1992 to 1993, K.O. Century Beast Warriors is a little-known comedic adventure OVA series featuring animal people, Team Rocket-like villains and surprisingly charming and enjoyable comedy… throughout most of its run, at least. It’s an underrated and under-watched, … Continue reading

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Animal Treasure Island/Doubutsu Takarajima

Animal Treasure Island is a criminally underrated Toei anime film from 1971. If the “1971” part instantly made you think “no, there’s no way I’m watching this”, you might need a little backstory. For one, this is from an era … Continue reading

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Hiroyuki Imaishi Panty & Stocking manga preview

A while ago it was revealed that Hiroyuki Imaishi would be doing a new manga for Anime Style magazine.  Well, there’s now a preview up and the artwork is honestly looking very impressive and uniquely Imaishi-esque. If you look at … Continue reading

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